End of Year Prizegiving 2020

We celebrated the end of the 2020 season with our End of Year Prizegiving in September. A huge congratulations to the winners mentioned below, but also all our Junior Warriors who put in so much effort this year. We also had a chance to thank the countless hours our volunteers, coaches, trainers and managers put in throughout the season, and end the celebrations with a shared kai.

Thank you again – we look forward to the 2021 season with you all!

Nursery Green Warriors

Most Improved – Joshua Marais | Most Dedicated – Lennox McConachy | Sportsperson of the Year – Maureen Bratton

Joshua Marais

Maureen Bratton

Scott Hawthorne Ink Warriors

Most Improved – Max Hurley| Most Dedicated – Rider Larson | Sportsperson of the Year – Maddox Harley

Max Hurley
Rider Larson

Maddox Harley

Under 6 Silver Warriors

Most Improved – Jack Moseley | Most Dedicated – Kase Moimoi | Sportsperson of the Year – Billy MacDonald

Jack Moseley
Kase Moimoi
Billy MacDonald

Under 6 Green Warriors

Most Improved – Nathan Calitz | Most Dedicated – Mananui Huriwai| Sportsperson of the Year – Boston Van Schalkwyk

Nathan Calitz
Mananui Huriwai

Boston Van Schalkwyk

Under 7 Warriors

Most Improved – Caleb Nortje | Most Dedicated – Oakley Herd | Sportsperson of the Year – Jaxon Harley

Oakley Herd
Jaxon Harley

Under 8 Warriors

Most Improved – Lillie Hurley | Most Dedicated – Elias Savea | Sportsperson of the Year – Moevasa Faimalo

Lillie Hurley
Elias Savea
Moevasa Faimalo

Under 10 Warriors

Most Improved – Malcolm MacDonald | Most Dedicated – Daghan Swanepoel | Sportsperson of the Year – Jett Fidow

Malcolm MacDonald
Daghan Swanepoel
Jett Fidow

Mini Sports Person of the Year 2020

Moevasa Faimalo

Mod Sports Person of the Year 2020

Jett Fidow

2020 Team of the Year

Scott Hawthorne Ink Warriors

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