The design for the V is based on mana. Mana comes in many shapes and forms and every person possesses it and holds it until they pass. The V represents each warrior’s mana standing out bold and strong. They wear their mana with pride across their chest and heart. The purpose of the design is to get our warriors to stand strong and not be afraid because they all possess the courage and strength to get through anything.

The design for the front symbolises “Manaaki”. This translates to uplifting the spirits of those around you. This can be shown through aroha (shaped like a heart) which is a core value for the club.

The design for the left side is “Mana Tāne”. Tāne Mahuta is the warrior in the middle carrying the strength to hold his parents Ranginui (above) and Papatūānuku (below). This signifies the physical strength that our tāne carry as warriors.

The design for the right side is “Mana Wāhine”. Hine-Ahu-One is the female figure in the middle which symbolises new creation and mental strength. Both “Mana Tāne” and “Mana Wāhine” balance eachother out by showing you need both physical and mental strength in order to succeed. As well as celebrating the creation of something, in this case the club.



The back of the shirt depicts “whānau”.

Blue area – (Pakati) which represents the backbone of the whānau.
Red area – (Mangopare) which signifies the strength of a connected whānau through tough times.
Green – (Pūhoro) which represents that with each individual member’s contribution to the whānau, it helps to keep things flowing smoothly for everyone. 
Purple – (smaller koru) represents all the wider whānau support.

The final meaning behind our strip is the details on our shorts – “Tū Tangata”. The design for this represents the roots of a tree which symbolises keeping grounded and staying strong to who you are as a person and as a whānau/club.



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