You can read the full newsletter and updates from our coaches here but see below for an update from our Club President…

Welcome to our second edition for the season.

Since our last newsletter we have had a new committee come on with some moving on. I would like to take this chance to thank Amy Thomas, Jess Wiperi, Andrew Greenwood, Nui Ririnui and Troy King. We thank you for holding down the fort for the past year. This is also an opportunity to welcome our 2019 Committee members; Keenan Allan, Chook Norgate, Dana McLean, Laura Hill, Tiffany Day, Scott Hill and Mereana Rolfe. We currently have a vacancy with Ian Lindsay having recently stepped down. If you have a passion for our club, our children and experience with being on a board and understanding of sponsorship and grants please feel free to contact me on

Over the last few weeks I have made it my mission to get round to watch all our teams play. I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing our players out their having fun, trying their best and showing real comradery. Seeing our teams show the true spirit of what it means to be a Warrior makes me feel really proud to be the President of this amazing club. I also want to thank our supporters watching our teams. We all know that there are times that we can get frustrated on the side line, or there are other clubs that have parents who put down our players for showing good form and skill. Thank you for also displaying the Warriors ethos and showing our players how to be good supporters. I’ve noticed that some teams have been wearing the ‘Be a Good Sport’ high vis – thank you to those who volunteer for that role. It can be a daunting one, but one that is vital to ensuring that our referees and players are able to get on and play this awesome game that we all love.

As a committee we are beginning to branch out and ask for assistance with our events. Thank you to our parents who helped plan and set up our Disco. I received some great feedback from Moevasa and Leiema (my children) who said “it was awesome”, “I loved running around with my friends”, “He played awesome music” and “Can we buy more glow sticks?”. My mini interview tells me that it was fun had by all.

As a young player it isn’t always on our mind to be in a Canterbury team, it isn’t until you get into the older grades that it becomes something that you strive for. I would like to Congratulate Marcel Makalio-Bell for making the U10 Canterbury team. We will be wishing you all the best for your tournament and will be sending you with the backing that the warriors are behind you all the way. I would also like to congratulate Mariah Nicholls for getting through to the Canterbury trials team. It will be an experience that you will learn and grow from for the future.

Some of you may be wondering what our direction is for the club. Our main goal is to ensure the Rolleston Warriors strive and achieve great things, both on and off the fields.

As a committee we are working hard on a variety of things. Our primary goal is to ensure we look after our players. We have got some plans and ideas of how we hope to roll this out. We are beginning the research and planning stages of a club rooms for the Warriors to call home. This is a long term goal for us and we hope that we will have your backing and support when it comes to fundraising. Our other main aim is to engage and support our local community. I would like to personally thank my team/committee, it can be a thankless job and one that often gets criticised but I thank you for your dedication.

Good luck to all the Rolleston Warriors for the rest of the season.

He waka eke noa – We are all in this together.

Demelza Faimalo
Rolleston Warriors President

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